Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Delicious Pi - Raspberry pi and things

Well then,

I decided to get two banana pi. One for my dad and one for me.
Here is the plan: I am going to set a VPN up between us and use the banana pi as a NAS device and some other stuff that came to my mind.
My dad has a two terrabyte Datengrab (data grave, best german word ever) on his Fritz Box, the problem is, that thing only supports USB 2.
Besides that I want to run a VPN I want:
- a Teamspeakserver
- a free exchange variant for my dad
- Some kind of weather app so he stops pestering me about his weather station on the garage roof …
(Well, I just found out that there is a USB-DVBT stick that can get the data from a station (if said station sends data over sweet radio waves)

Second step is to get one or two raspberry pi and get them with some wiring to work as a building automation bus system thing.
Yes, that will take time and hopefully I can end this by end of 2017. I am at the moment looking into different solutions. One is the KNX protocoll which I never used and don't understand what so ever. The KNX hardware you can buy is very expensive so I had to build the bus on my own and code the stuff on my own which brings me to:
Motorola Märklin/ DCC (Digital Command Control) protocoll. I know how this works, kind of. The problem here is that I won't actually use the 18 V it provides. I only need the signal. Besides that, this bus can't report back so I would need another line to report the status of a light or the temperature or whatever.

LNC Bus seems to be the best for that project because it doesn't require more kables to be put into random walls. 

Anyway, I will be putting out videos about this here: "Delicious Pi Channel"

The Banana Pi M3 has a CAN Bus chip on it. So I will use the CAN Bus system to deliver and receive data from other things. And by things I mean basically everything I want to connect to it. 

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  1. First when I read the article, I wanted you to ask to present the results to us. But then I noticed the new Youtube-Channel. I hope you'll provide some articles with pictures about it as well :)