Sunday, 22 January 2017

Banana Pi M3 - Day 1

Ok, I was waiting for my Banana Pi to arrive, at 15:30 my mom calls, the packege from 'a packet service I now really dislike' had put the package in the car port. Great.
I arrive at 16:00 at my parents place and start unpacking. I need to get the stuff going there. At least that's what I am thinking at the time.
The raspberian I got with the Pi boots without problems. The ubuntu I wanted on the machine takes however to download.
So I start configuring the Rasperian and it goes quite well. At 21:00 I go home. I didn't achieve much but continue at my place.

What works:
- My keyboard layout (don't laugh, actually important and not that easy to manage with the wrong one)
- I changed the IP, very important to actually have it in the network obviously.
- Then I got the ssh daemon running to connect from my laptop and desktop computers on the little thing
- Well, and I installed irssi 8)

- And teamspeak is a work in progress

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