Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Secret Hitler

So I wanted to play Secret Hitler with my friends but just having paper cards and such wasn't going to cut it.
I decided to do it right.

So I made a little wooden box, cut out the cardboard for the facist and liberal papers (for the facist ones you need two because there are three of them. For the liberal and facist policies I used cardboard as well because I didn't want to cut my magic cards in half I used for the party membership, secret identity, Ja and Nein cards. Also the background didn't line up and meh.
It has been all in one more than ten work hours but this was the first time I did this, also painting the damn box took a long time.
I went with black because Hitler.

Closed box

Open box with the cards


  1. Das Spiel habe ich neulich schon online gesehen. Das würde ich gerne mal spielen. Vielleicht schaffen wir das ja, wenn ich mal wieder in der Heimat bin :)