Friday, 11 March 2016

English all the way

Hello friends, I will go full english in this little blogish thing as well.
As you may or may not know my youtube channel switched to english uhm, two years ago (I think).

Hopefully that will bring some more attention to this blog, or not. This is mostly just a little excercise I do for myself. That's also the reason for me not doing this as often as I should.

Nevertheless: The plans for my channel go more into the direction of 24/7 4X (If you understand this, you are a nerd and possibly need treatment) which means I will cover Master of Orion with all its patches and also play more 4x games again like Star Ruler 2.
On the other hand I will of course continue playing stuff like Factorio and Rimworld because that is stuff I love.

I debated if I want to try a facecam thingy and I am still convinced that most people using a facecam are morons, but does the facecam make them morons or are they just morons with a facecam? Or do I just think they are morons because they are using a facecam? I am not done with thinking about it yet but I don't think my ugly face will improve my videos :)


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