Saturday, 23 April 2016


Hello guys,

so in less than three weeks Stellaris will come out and I want to make several let's plays about it.

One will be a multiplayer with my very good friend Thirdian where I play as humans. We have that all figured out and it will be a co-op game, because we both don't like competing with each other and all that.

The question is: What kind of species will I play for my single player campaign?

I am not sure about any of this.

It will either be a molluscoid profile picture and more in the direction of war and conquest. That would be a nice contrast to the nice humans I intend to play in my MP campaign.
The one in the top right. Cthulhu-ish.

Another picture I really like are the foxes in the mammalian picture there. Left bottom.

I really, really like cat's and would like to have the cat dudes in the top middle.

There are too many choices.

Another option would go for randomising everything and just go with it. I mean, you can't really choose your gender and species either, right?

Please leave suggestions on the blog, write me a mail to or write onto my youtube wall thingy:

I also did some quick polls, just in case:

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