Monday, 27 October 2014

Life changes

There is this big and nice party on saturday. The best parties always been on saturdays because on sundays everybody (well, except some policemen and firefighters...) don't have to work. All shops are closed on sundays. I always liked that party and I been to all of them but one I think.
It's organized bye dude who does this shit for like 20 years. The athmosphere is usually fun and there been times I was exited for like 2 month because the date of this kind of parties was arriving.

Today facebook told me that "Le Partey!" for November is approaching.
And I'm like "meh!"
I go to that kind of party for xxxx things.

1. Meeting friends I usually just meet at such parties. Yeah uhm, why don't I just meet up with them at other times?
2. Get drunk and dance. Well I quit drinking a year ago and I usually don't feel like dancing when I'm not drunk.
3. Good music! Appearantly the music isn't half as good when I"m sober...

Well and there is the fact that drunk people are getting on my nerves. I think I have to go because its tradition somehow. I can go early because not drinking has the huge advantage that you can go by car. And so I will.


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