Sunday, 26 October 2014

Beyond Weekend

I started playing Civilization: Beyond Earth at 10 am local time. I won my first game roughly at 9 pm on the third hardest difficulty and begun my second game. I went to bed at 5 am. I got up at 1 pm, ate and continued playing that game. Sadly/luckily Quill18 announced on twitter that he will be streaming and I went over to watch him while playing the same damn game he was playing. Beyond Earth.
Anyhow. He streamed for 14 hours or so and after that i quickly played some turns. I won that second game at 7 am(-ish?) and guess what: Went for number three. Well actually I tried figuring out how I could make that game a bit harder. I tried some planet types. Thankfully I got the extra maps. The second game was already a tundra planet. My actual game, the real third one is a arid planet. It's massive but the game is still a bit too easy even though I have frenzied aliens enabled. More and more aggressive aliens it said. Nah, not really. Cute little kittens they still are. Just an hour ago I started killing them off an island I wanted to settle on. I killed 30 units and after that they seem to be a bit annoyed and even tried for the first time to enter my glorious colony. My city defence one-shotted the sea dragon and that was it. In bright contrast to Alpha Centauri the aliens don't seem to have a real strategy to keep you from settling basically everywhere and planting your flags. Ok, a Siege Worm in the beginning is annoying as crap but it usually doesn't attack you. It might kill your trade routes but would not attack your city or even enter your land. Also the alien units are staying the same. There is no retaliation swarm inbound or something. The spawn from theid nests and thats it.

I really want to have a coop game, where you try to settle and survive but that doesn't seem possible at the moment. Usually the AI immediately start fighting each other. Absolutely logical. The arrive, see no real danger and are trying to kill off the competition.

 I still have to try the multiplayer though. Again: It's a bit sad that the enviroment isn't really a danger to the arriving humans.

Patch please? More hard game.
Coop functionality please.
Or do I have to wait for the first or even second DLC/add-on like with Civ 5?

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