Sunday, 19 March 2017

March 2017 - Hearts of Iron 4 - Kaiserreich mod

I am waiting for Stellaris 1.5
I just plowed through 40 episodes of Stellaris 1.4

The current games are as always Factorio and Rimworld.

Let's talk about Hearts of Iron 4 though. I am playing the Kaiserreich mod (thanks again Loresworn Order for showing it off)

Syndicalist France is living in fear of another war with the vastly superior German Empire. It's leading force of the Third International, a socialist black of two countries. So in 1936 everything in France shifts gears as the great leader Commandelicious takes command of the great nation of France. The ties to the British Union, another socialist country, are being hardened, the production of factories becomes paramount.
With the new found unity of the Commune the french try to expand their influence over the globe. A bloody second american civil war erupts, a few month later a spanish civil war.
Volunteers are being sent to help the syndicalists in the territory formaly known as United States of America.
The Union of Britain has dreams as well and declare war on the unified Ireland.

So, what is going to happen next? Will the great armies of France and Germany clash again? Will the second revolution erupt in Russia?

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