Saturday, 10 September 2016

Current Games / September 2016

Well, Rimworld and Factorio are now both on steam and awesome.
Both improved far beyond what I thought would be happening.

I am a bit tired of Hearts of Iron 4 though. Besides that, I had a look at Europa Universalis 4 again and I have to say: Meh.

As for Stellaris I am waiting for version 1.3

People don't seem very hyped about my Deus Ex: Human Revolution though. Of course I play it until I beat it. :)

As for now, I have three series to end:
Rimworld - about 100 episodes.
Factorio - about 100 episodes
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - no idea

Comment on what you want to see, I take suggestions. You more or less know what kind of games I like.


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